Photo by Cat Carty Buswell



Claudia is a designer specializing in illustration, signage and hand-lettering, working out of Detroit, MI. Claudia most recently worked as a chalk zombie at a well-known, corporate, loved, hated, ginormous natural foods store that will here go unnamed. Before that she worked making very, very fancy cakes. Before THAT she was slingin’ drinks at the town watering hole.

Claudia’s favorite way to explore a new city is to ride a city bus to the most expensive coffee Yelp can recommend, find some kimchi at the local co-op, then go dancing at a drag show. She’s inspired by arts and crafts Americana, natural splendor of the Great Lakes and impressionist painting. She loves rollerblading, riding bikes and thrift shopping. Sometimes the news makes her cry.

At any point, you can find all types of crafty materials strewn about the house — yarn, paint, brush pens, gouache — You get the idea. She wants to help you figure out a way to get your project done. She doesn’t half-ass things.